The Amazing Integer Assignment!

The Amazing Integer Assignment! Hello Parents, It’s assignment week. Students will still have a short test on Thursday to give me an idea on how they are doing with their integer understanding. I will be giving specific instructions for this assignment tomorrow. Students will be asked to read the assignment tonight to be ready for […]

Integer Unit Started

We have started our Integer Unit! Integer Learning Goal for students: I can describe integers using words, as a set and on a number line. I will practise adding and subtracting when solving questions involving integers. Success Criteria: I am able to interpret the data, add the integers and place them in a graph. I […]

Test Tomorrow

Overview for Test Tomorrow below. Students should be taking their math notes home to study for tests. I will remind them today to do so. The test should take students 30 minutes to write. They will be given the full hour. a) Acronym for BEDMAS b) Bedmas questions c) Creating a square and cube- TWO […]

Test Tomorrow

Hi, There will be a test tomorrow on Exponents, Square Roots, Perfect Squares and Perfect Cubes. Students have all they need (review sheets for the test). We have started our unit on Prime Factorization. Upcoming units Greatest Common Factor, Lowest Common Multiple, Integers and Circles will be our last unit before the holidays.

Test, Mathematical Notation, Check In’s and Introduction to Square Roots.

Parents, Tomorrow students will be getting their test back. I will be taking it up in class. If students have a level two or below they will be asked to take the test home and get it signed by you. All students will be required to write a note on BEDMAS with a focus on […]

Perfect Squares, Exponents and Square Roots

We have started our new Unit on Perfect Squares, Exponents and Square Roots this week. Learning Goals for students are as follows: I can represent perfect squares and describe some things about them. I can Prime Factorize I can identifying Prime and Composite Numbers I can understand what a perfect square is and represent it […]

Math Test Thursday

Our second Algebra test will be this Thursday. I have introduced BEDMAS over the last two weeks and students are to show their work each time for each question. All answers need to start with an equal sign. Format of the test is question and answer. It will be written test for most students, some […]

BEDMAS an Introduction

Over the next few days we will be learning about BEDMAS. It’s a neat acronym that represents the Order of Operations in Algebra and it’s used to solve long math problems. Usually, Bedmas is introduced in grade 6 and students continue to use BEDMAS in math all through high school. For students, it’s very important […]

Algebra Test!

Good Morning Parents, Students should start reviewing for their Algebra Test on Tuesday Sept 27. I have the overview below and we’ve covered it all. This had been shared (Google classroom) and I will be reviewing the overview with them in class. Overview: Understanding what a Term is, Co efficient (what operation to do), subsitutions […]

Unit 1-Algebra

Hello Parents, We have started our first Unit on Algebra today. Remember to struggle is a good thing it is better for your performance, if we are not struggling we are not learning. Grade 7 Expectations are: Learning Goals: I can simplify algebraic expressions and figure out their values when I know the value of […]

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