Welcome Back

Hello Parents and Happy New Year! January 17 will be our first day back to in person learning! I’m excited to see everyone’s faces again! Some housekeeping items: Screening Verification for Elementary Students Please complete the Ontario COVID-19 School Screener at the beginning of each school day for two full weeks! For those without access […]

Happy New Year and Circles Unit

Hello Parents, Happy New Year! I hope you had a restful holiday. Classes are set to resume on Wednesday January 5 2022. I am slowly working on reports which are due for February. I will be connecting with students regarding outstanding assignments and tests over the next few weeks. IEP’s will be handed out at […]

Circle Unit

Happy Holidays! Students are working on creating greeting cards for any holiday! Using radius, diameter and circumference students have created some really cool cards from snow people, reindeers, birthday cards to Chinese New Year! All of the creations look amazing! We will continue with our circle unit after the break focusing on calculating circumference of […]

Test next week Thursday on Square Roots and Circles

Seasoning Greetings! There will be a test next week on Square Roots. We will be starting our Geometry Unit on Circles Unit tomorrow. We will be reviewing attributes or properties of shapes and how they differ. We will be discussing Circles and where we see them in our environment. Circles have three main parts, which […]

Integer Games, Prime Factorization, Prime Factors and Exponents

Parents, Integer Games and been marked and returned to students. They did a fabulous job on them some really creative ideas! The games will be kept in the classroom for our game day on Fridays. Students are still learning about Prime Factors, Prime Factorization (example below), understanding what a factor is and how many factors […]

Game Week and New Math Unit

Kids are working so well on creating their math board games and card games. Success Criteria has been established, students are to reflect on the criteria to make sure they have incorporated everything I’m looking for into their game. Games are due Friday or Monday next week depending on the class. We will be starting […]

Integer Unit; Test Next week Thursday on Exponent and Orders of Operation

Good day! Students will need to understand their overall goals for this unit and build on our knowledge of Algebra to complete various questions. We will have an introduction to Integers starting tomorrow. This is a very interactive unit students will enjoy some of the activities and projects I have planned. Integer Learning Goal for […]

Test on Friday

Hello Parents, Assignments have been handed back on growing and shrinking patterns as well as building video game rooms. I have given instructions to students whom received a level 2 or below to have you sign and bring it back to me. There will be an algebra test on Friday. The test will self mark […]

Algebra: Shrinking Patterns

Shrinking Patterns Learning Goal: I can use variables and numbers to describe mathematical situations. I can use a table of values and create a rules or algebraic expressions. I can apply that rule or algebraic expression to a growing pattern or a shrinking patterns. Some of things we will examine are: recursive pattern rule: a […]

Algebra Growing and Decreasing patterns

Hi Parents, Students are doing well adapting to math class routines. Students learning Goals for the next few lessons for Algebra are: – simplify algebraic expressions and figure out their values when I know the value of the variables involved. – identify growing pattern and there is a constant difference, that means each numbers increase. […]

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