Test on Friday

Hello Parents, Assignments have been handed back on growing and shrinking patterns as well as building video game rooms. I have given instructions to students whom received a level 2 or below to have you sign and bring it back to me. There will be an algebra test on Friday. The test will self mark […]

Algebra: Shrinking Patterns

Shrinking Patterns Learning Goal: I can use variables and numbers to describe mathematical situations. I can use a table of values and create a rules or algebraic expressions. I can apply that rule or algebraic expression to a growing pattern or a shrinking patterns. Some of things we will examine are: recursive pattern rule: a […]

Algebra Growing and Decreasing patterns

Hi Parents, Students are doing well adapting to math class routines. Students learning Goals for the next few lessons for Algebra are: – simplify algebraic expressions and figure out their values when I know the value of the variables involved. – identify growing pattern and there is a constant difference, that means each numbers increase. […]

Patterning and Algebra

New to the Grade 7 Math Curriculum contains the development and application of social-emotional learning skills in order to support students learning of math concepts and skills. I want to foster their overall well-being and ability to learn, and help them build resilience and thrive as math learners. Students will observe their attitudes towards mathematics, […]

72 Homeroom and Grade 7 Math

Dear Parents and Students, It is the start of a school year like no other. Something none of us prepared for. We look for roadmaps or signposts to guide us but they don’t exist. Everyone here at Davis will be welcoming students back to school during a moment in time when there are more questions […]