Bienvenue au site web de Mme Trautrim à Doon Public School!

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Stay up to date with what the French Immersion classes of 2020 are up to in salle 11. The FI Resources link will take you to Mme Trautrim’s website for helpful links and tips for all subjects in French Immersion.

Feel free to contact me via:

  • e-mail at
  • voicemail by calling 519-570-0003 >2 > say “Nicole Trautrim” (voice activated mailbox system)
  • Go to the Homework page for homework updates.
  • The FI Resources link will take you to Mme Trautrim’s FI Resources website for many notes and great links (even games!) to help you with French.
  • The 81 and 82 links will take you to your Google Classrooms.
Classroom Expectations

  • Show respect to staff, students, community, and property
  • Bring all necessary materials to class to eliminate wasted time borrowing or returning to your locker
    • personal device (for educational purposes only – e.g. online dictionary)
    • 1.5-2 inch binder for your subjects with Mme Trautrim
    • pencil, pen, pencil crayons, eraser, white out, etc.
    • Both good and bad times only last for so long, therefore cherish the good while it lasts and don’t dwell on the bad!