D.E.A.R. Novel Study Groups Beginning!

Hello Parents/Guardians, We’re about to begin one of my favourite activities for Grade 5 and 6, ourΒ Drop Everything and Read Novel Study Groups. Our D.E.A.R. groups give students, and myself, a chance to really dig deeply into a novel together, as a group, and to think about characters, plot, and some really neat issues which […]

Spelling is in Full Swing!

Hello Parents/Guardians, Our weeklyΒ spelling homework is in full swing and I just wanted to remind you how to access our spelling words, and how the program works. This year, our spelling words are based onΒ Latin andΒ Greek Root Words. That means, all of the words in the list of spelling words will have the sameΒ root. It’s […]

Welcome to the 2018-19 School Year!

Hello Parents and Guardians, With two weeks of school under our belts I just wanted to remind you of a few different ways of staying in touch with our class. First, follow us on Twitter. You don’t need to have Twitter on your smartphone, you can go to our website and see our tweets on […]

Show and Tell Starts!

Hello Parents/Guardians, For the last two weeks of school, our students have been asking if we can do aΒ Show and TellΒ with the class. Students took the initiative with creating a schedule, planning what Show and Tell should look like, and assigning students to certain days. It was some great work by our Room 10 Cool […]

Calling All Rock Collectors!

This information is also going home in handout form today.Β  Hi Parents & Guardians, As our summative project for Rocks and Minerals this year we will be creating rock collections. Each student will sort, classify, and carry out experiments on their collection of rocks as part of their final mark in Science. To help, we’re […]

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