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Learning resources

Ontario Learn at Home




Number Sense – Multiplying and Dividing

SMWYK before the break…March 13. 

Rubric – Multiplying and Dividing Decimals

Day Lesson Practise and Homework
Mar 4th

Review: Multiplying Decimals



1.What does multiplying mean?

2.What are different strategies you
can use to multiply decimals?

3a)  3175 x 4 =
        3.175 x 4 =

     b) 271 x 6 =
         27.1 x 6 =

        27.1 x 12

Mar 5th Estimating Strategies Multiplying Decimal Problems
Mar 6th Understanding Multiplying fractions
by whole numbers
MMS pg 142 #1,2
Mar 9th  Note – Multiplying Fractions by
a whole number
Practise – WBR
MMS pg 143 #4,5,6,7,8
Mar 10

Take up HW

Problem – Understanding Dividing Decimals
                   (Splitting Equally, Repeated Subtraction)

Exit Ticket:

How might you use a drawing or tool to help you figure out? How does your strategy change?

5 ➗  0.2

   3.3   .➗ 3

Mar 11

Review dividing decimals by whole numbers


Decimals_Worksheet (1)
Mar 12 Dividing a whole number by a fraction

Work sheet

Dividing Whole Numbers By Decimals

MMS pg 151 #1-4



Geometry – Congruent and Similar Figures

Project Due – March 2nd (end of class changed to March 3rd due to bus day)

Rubric – Congruency and Similarity

Day Lesson Practice and Homework
Feb 18th


Construction Challenge

Homework page given after Test


  1. What is the minimum amount of information do we need to draw congruent triangles?
  2. Is knowing all the angles enough to draw congruent triangles?
  3. If two shapes have the same area, will they be congruent?
    1. Is it possible to draw a triangle using any three side lengths?
Feb 19th Congruency – Note  Practise – Proving Congruency
Feb 20th Using Proper Notation

MMS pg 257#1 and one question from 3

What is the minimum amount of information needed to prove congruency for…
1. Equilateral Triangle
2 Isosceles triangle
3. Parallellogram

Feb 24th

SMWYK – Congruency

Activity – Building Similar polygons using congruent shapes 

Reflection: Always, Sometimes, Never

1. You can divide a shape up into one or more similar shapes.

2. Similar shapes have the same angles.

Feb 25th

Using Ratio Table to prove similarity

Note Similarity

Similar Triangles
Feb 26th Take up HW and Review – drawing thing proportionately.

Are they similar?


What are the fewest measurements you need to know to draw each figure?

a) parallelogram
b) rectangle
c) square
d) triangle

Feb 27th

Workout – similarity

Take up HW

Introduce Project

Project – Similar and Congruent Figures – Due March 2nd

Online review – Similarity Math is Fun

Number Sense – Ratios and Percent

Unit Test – February 13th

Rubric – Ratio and Percents

Day Lesson  Practise and Homework
Creating A Design
Types of Ratios
Relating Quantities to Ratios
Jan. 16th Interpreting Ratios
Using Ratio Tables

Equivalent Ratio Practise


Jan 17th

Review types of ratios and different representation.

Ratio Tables

Desmos – Activity
Jan 20


Translating from ratios, fractions, percents, and decimals.

MMS pg 52 #1,3,4

Practise sheet in class

Jan 21st Comparing Ratios using Equivalent Ratios MMS pg 56 #2,3,4
Jan 22nd

SMWYK – Fraction, Decimals and Percents

Selecting and Justifying the most appropriate representation of a number.


Listing different situation that are best suited for each representation (fraction, decimal, %)

Jan 23rd

Take up SMWYK

Relating and Representing percents and fractions (Sum it Up)

Relating Fractions, Decimals, and percents.
Jan 28th Finding The Percent of a number using a number line or ratio table MMS pg 299, 2,3,4
Jan 29th Connecting Strategies to find Percent of a number.

Determining a Percent


Jan 30th Using Percents MMS pg 304 #3,4,7
Feb 3rd



Project: Sale Advertisement

Percent Invaders

Feb 5th Determining the whole from a percent. Determining the whole from a percent.
Feb 10th

Review for Test on Thursday

Projects due.

Review Ratios_Percents

Review – Ratios and Percents (solutions)


Feb 14 Finish Projects



Data Management

Quiz: Tuesday, January 14th

Rubric- Data Mangement

Day Lesson Practise and Homework
1 Introduction Data Management
What do we remember?
Ted Talk – Visualizing Data
Looking for a Graph of a topic of interest
2. Understanding Sample and Census (Sum it Up)
A Decline in Sports-

Creating Surveys

What is the population for your graph? Was it a census or sample?


Review and Collecting Data.

Demonstrate how to use Google Sheets

Using Google Docs To Create Graphs

Creating Surveys using Google Forms

Apple Survey


Factor Trees
Reorganizing Data
Creating A Survey


Misleading Graphs

MMS page 204 #2,4
6.  Review – Misleading Graphs  Creating Misleading Graphs
7. Measures of Central Tendency(mean, median, mode and range)

Using 5,2,3,6

Find the measures of central tendency.

8. Understanding What Affects the Measures of Central Tendency MMS page 200 #1,2,7
9. Review

MMS page 211 #3

Review Population, Sample and Census






Geometry – Geometric Constructions

Assessment: Project Demonstration of skills in class 

Rubric – Construction

Day Lesson Practise and Homework
1.  Classifying and Creating Triangles

How did you create isosceles triangles using a compass?

Use Geogebra to create an isosceles triangle.

2. Using Properties of Triangles to create angles (Sum it Up) Constructing Related Lines
3.  Review
Bisecting and Creating Perpendicular Bisectors (Sum it Up)
Constructing Bisectors


Number Sense – Adding and Subtracting Integers

Assessment Test: Thursday, November 28th (Returned December 6th)

Rubric Integers

In Class and At Home Practise

Day  Lesson Practise and Homework
1. Representing Integers (Sum It Up)  Representing Integers

Comparing Integers (Sum It Up)

Challenge….using only 5 tiles represent as many integers as you can.

 Comparing Integers

Game – Fruit Shoot


Zero Property (Sum It Up)

Adding Integers (Sum It Up)

The Zero Property

Adding Integers


Review and Adding Integer Game

Subtracting Integers by Adding (Sum It Up)

Review ideas in class and think of a conjecture you can test.



SMWYK – Adding Integers

Review Subtracting by Adding

Practise – Subtracting Integers by Adding

Orbit Integers Game

Subtracting Integers – Take Away

6. Review and Practise

 Orbit Integers

Diamond Drop

Subtracting Integers Racing Math Game

7.  Problem Practise – pg 354 #1,2,4,5


What to Study?

Game – Greatest Sum

   – Least Difference

9. Review Practise – Pg 360 #1,2,3,7,8,9,10



Measurement – Area of A Trapezoid

In Class Project – Puzzling Polygons – due Wednesday (Returned November 22nd) one week to resubmit work.


Rubric Area of A Trapezoid

In Class and At Home Practise

  1. Review Area and perimeter of polygons, Practise MMS pg 216 #1, pg 219# 2, 4,or 6
  2. Area and Perimeter of Triangles –Practise MMS pg 222 #1,2, 4, 7
  3. Reflection Area of a Trapezoid
  4. SMWYK – Triangles, Decomposing and Composing Trapezoids, MMS pg 228#1  and MMS pg 228 #2 using new idea
  5. Review Meaning of Formulas, Take up SMWYK, Area of A Trapezoid
  6. Review, Area of Composite Shapes, Practise pg 240 #5, pg 241#1d

Number Sense and Numeration – Squares and Square Roots

Rubric Squares and Roots

In Class and At Home Practise

  1. Defining Factors, Exploring Perfect SquaresReflection
  2. Perfect Squares 
  3. Determining Square Roots Note, Square Roots
  4. SMWYK,Problem, Solve Me Puzzles Who Am I?
  5. Take up SMWYK, Pool Problem, Game – Land Run, Extra Questions




Number Sense – Adding and Subtracting Fractions

Unit Test – Monday, October 21st (Returned October 28th)

Rubric – Adding and Subtracting Fractions

In Class and At Home Practice

  1. Review what is a fraction? – review sheets – Families Of Fractions, and Some Friendly Advice
  2. Representing and Understanding Fractions
  3. Representing Fractions
  4. Comparing Fractions and Equivalent Fractions, Comparing Fraction Game
  5. Adding Fractions like denominators
  6. Adding Fractions – The Meaning of Addition
  7. Note and Practise MMS pg 130 #1 -5 Pick 2- 3 questions (abc)Online fraction strips
  8. MMS pg 130 #1 -5 pick only 2 -3 questions or only answer the questions that have a sum over 1
  9. Note Mixed Fractions, Subtracting Using Difference
  10. Subtraction – Take Away
  11. Review and Practise –MMS pick 1/4 of the questions from page 140.
  12. Appointment Clock – Adding and Subtracting Fractions




Patterning – Representing Linear Growing Patterns

Assessment: September 26th (returned October 2)

Patterning Rubric

In Class and At Practice

  1. Building Growing Patterns and Expressions – Exit Ticket
  2. Note and Practise –Building PatternsMathies Memory Match Game ( Select – simple linear, pictorial – pattern rule)
  3. Practise recognizing and building patterns, Guess My Rule, Table to Expression
  4. Reflection – 1.  How many ways can we represent patterns?  2. How does position(figure number) relate to the input/output table?
  5. Comparing Pattern Rules
  6. SMWYK(check in), Note, Review
  7. SMWYK – Expressions
  8. Problem, Note, Selecting a Pattern Rule_ Reflection and Practise



How are the algebraic expressions and writing pattern rule the same? How are they different?



First Week Of Math

1st Assignment

Math is Visual (optional)

Practising Math Facts – Multiplication Blocks