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Number Sense  – Integers

Unit Test  – Friday March 13th

Rubric – Integers

Day Lesson                                                                Practise and Homework                           
Mar 3

Representing Integers

Review Adding Integers

Ordering Integers Online Integer Review

Integer Drop

Orbit Integers

Comparing Integers (Fruit Shoot)

MMS page 264 1,2 266 3,4

Mar 4

Review Subtracting Integers


MMS 374 #1,2,3,11 pick 3

HW Sheets given after the test


Practise pg 376 #9

HW – Subtracting and Adding

Fruit Shoot

Mar 6

Share solution from HW

Representing Multiplication

Proving Multiplication

Practise – Representing Multiplication
Mar 9

Take Up HW and Note


Dividing Integers

MMS 383 pg #2, 3, 4, 10

How are dividing and multiplying related to each other?

MMS #387 #3 

Mar 10

SMWYK – Multiplying

Order of Operations

MMS 391 pg #2, 3 (pick 5 questions to answer)
Mar 11 Review Game- Using Cards Negative 21  (order of operations)
*Special thanks to 8C to help with the creation of the game*
MMS #392 #4,6
Mar 12 Review

MMS page 411 #,6,8,11-13,15 (Remember to provide proof/thinking for a multiplication and division question)

Integer WarpNumber BallsExplore Order of OperationsRags to Riches

Geometry – Geometric Relationships and Properties

Quiz – Friday, February 28th (Snow day changed to March 2)

Day Lesson Practice and Homework
Feb. 18th


Identifying Geometric Terms in Pictures

Worksheet given

Reflection:  Write three angles that would not make a triangle.
Which triangles have an angle bisector and perpendicular bisector as the height?

Feb 19th

Angles in a Triangle

Intersecting Lines


MMS pg 281 #2,4,5,14
Feb 20th

Angles in Parallel Lines – Window Activity


MMS pg 287 #2,5
Check Your Understanding
Feb  24th


Desmos polygraph – practicing identifying angle properties

MMS pg 288 #7
Feb 25th

Take Up SMWYK – Proper Solutions




Rescue the Damsel – Form

MMS pg 305 #1,2
MMS 292 #4, 5, 6 (pick 1 to all questions)

Feb 26th

Organizing an equation to solve.

Take up HW

What to Study?

SMWYK – Angles Relationship Parallel Lines

MMS pg 306,307  #4,6,8,9


Feb27th Review

Review – Your Turn Questions

Page 312 – 315

Number Sense – Rates and Percents

Unit Test – February 14th (Returned Feb 28th)

Rubric – Rates, Percents

Day Lesson  Practise and Homework
Jan. 16 Place Value and Powers of Ten

Place Value and Powers of Ten

Extra MMS. pg 7 # 4 -7

Jan. 17

Percent, Fraction, Decimals


Work sheet – practise
Jan 20th Equivalent Ratios Ratio Table and Equivalence Review
Jan 21st



Extra MMS. pg 55 # 2, 4,6,8,9
Jan 22


Note – Strategies and Connections



Check Your Understanding

Looking for Ratios and Percents


Jan 23rd Dorito Problem – Hot or Not? Using A Unit Ratio in a Ratio Table
Jan. 28th Understanding Rates and Unit Rates Finding Unit Rates
Jan 29th Why do we use unit rates?  Unit Rates and Speed
Jan. 30th

Interpreting Rate Graphs

Desmos – Activity 

Research other Unit Rates of other forms of transportation

Graph Speeds (use last night HW) using Desmos

Jan 31st Review – Using Graphs to answer rate questions.

Check your Understanding

MMS pg 67 #4, 5, 7, 8, 9

Percent Invaders

Feb. 3rd Connecting Unit Rates to Graph

Proportion Practise


Feb 5th

Percent workout

Sales Tax 

Determing a Percent and Sales Tax
Feb 10th


Percent off

Percent Invaders

Proportion Review


Data Management – Collecting and Interpreting

Quiz: Wednesday, January 15th (Returned)

RubricCollecting Rubric

Day Lesson Practise and Homework
1 Census, Sample and
Representative Sample
Collecting Samples

Review Sample and Census

Organizing and Interpreting Data – Countries Polluting the Oceans the Most

Organizing Data

Practise Interpreting your graph.

3. SMWYK – Sample and Census
Collecting Data
Collecting and Graphing Data


Why do we use Measures of Central Tendency?

Understanding of Central Tendency
5.  Measures of Central Tendency – Which to use?
We are using Google Sheets to calculate Measures of Central Tendency.
Mean, Median, Mode, Range


SMWYK – Measures of Central Tendency

Interpreting and Creating Histograms

Histogram to Display Data


Desmos- Average and Histograms

MMS pg#213 #1a,d, 9
8.  Graphing Story
What To Study…
MMS pg#232 #8, 11
Mean, Median, Mode, ToadsMean, Median, Mode Jeopardy Game
9 Studying and Review

ReviewJustifying Graph Choice

Histograms – Interpreting

Geometry – Pythagorean Relationship

Test – Tuesday, December 10th

Rubric – Rubric Pythagorean

In Class and At Home Practice

Day Lesson Practise and Homework

Powers of Ten and Scientific Notation

Review Classifying Triangles


Scientific Notation

Classifying by side Length and Angle



Checking Stocks

Problem – Finding Missing Side Length of a Triangle

Exit Ticket – What did we learn about sides of triangles today?


3.  Taco Problem   Pythagorean Relationship Practise
4. Using Pythagorean   Pythagorean Relationship (2)
5. Application of Pythagorean   Pythagorean and Geometric Properties
6.  Review

Pg 535 # 1a, 2a,c, 3 a



Graphing Story 

What to Know

Practise – MMS page 356

Classifying Triangles

Measurement – Area and Circumference of A Circle

Assessment: Wednesday, November 27th (Returned Dec. 5th)

Rubric – Area Circumference

In Class and At Home Practice

Day Lesson Practise and Homework
1. Exponents and Square Roots MMS page 327 #1
Exponents and Estimating Square Roots

MMS pg 331 #3, 6, 7

Game – Square Root Golf

Introduction: Properties of A Circle

HW – Look for circular items. How do you describe the size of the circle?
4.  Properties of Circles and Note (Textbook page 240)

Circle HW #1  questions 1 – 6


5. Investigating Circumference

Relating Diameter to Circumference


6. Note, Using formula

Circumference and Perimeter of Composite Shapes questions 1, 2

Looking at Circles


7.  Applying Circumference – Rolling Tin Problem  Enjoy your weekend! 


Note and Understanding Formulas for Circumference

Practise Page 245 #2,3,7,8,11 Pick 3 questions

Review Area of Polygons

Challenge – To Develop the Area of A Circle

Area of Circle

Note – Area of a Circle and Estimating

Consolidation Questions


Area of A Circle


11. Problem – Largest Cookie and applying our knowledge – using diameter to compare and find the area.

Pick one to both questions to complete

pg 251 #8,9


 SMWYK – Area

What to Study

Problem and Practise

Circles HW #2 – Composite Shapes Perimeter and Area of Circles
13.  Review pg 252 pick 3 to all questions Omit #3 

Data Management – Reading and Interpreting Data

Return to this unit in December when collecting data.

In Class and At Home Practice

  1. Stock Tracking Sheet, Student Sleep Statistics, Work sheet
  2. Halloween Spending, Note – Making Inferences, Reading, Interpreting, Concluding, Inferring
  3. Note, Interpreting Scatter Plots
  4. SMWYK, Histograms vs. Bar Graphs
  5. Take Up SMWYK, Interpreting Histograms using median and range.

Number Sense – Operations with Fractions

‘Large Paper Quiz’ – Thursday Oct. 24th

Rubric – Operations with Fractions

In Class and At Home Practise

  1. Review Fraction Review, and Comparing Fractions Strategies, Fraction Game.
  2. Adding Fractions, Practise pg 141, #1,2,3
  3. Adding Mixed Fractions – Practise pg 142, 6(sum under 4), 5, 8
  4. Subtracting Reflection
  5. Review – MMS pg #1,2,6,7 – pick 3 questions from each section to answer
  6. The Meaning of Multiplication…area or part of a part MMS pg 150 #2,4
  7. Multiplication Note, MMS pg 153,154 #1 (pick 2),5
  8. The Meaning of Division – Dividing Fractions Using Number Lines
  9. Dividing Fraction -Why is one so important
  10. Water Problem, MMS pg 163#4,5
  11. SMWYK – Review for Test MMS pg 175 – 177 (Practise questions what to study)
  12. Exponents, Review for test Gap Closing (pg 4 #10,11, pg 5 #13, 14, 15, pg 32 #5,6, pg 33 #10,11)

Patterning – Representing Linear Growing Patterns

Assessment: Wednesday, October 2nd (Returned October 9)

8 Rubric Expressions

In Class and At Home Work

  1. Guess My Rule
  2. Note and Robot Rule Game, Factor Game
  3. SMWYK, Evaluating expressions to make a table, Number Sequence, Table, Expressions
  4. Building Patterns
  5. Visual Representation using One Colour,Mathies Representation Match
  6. Reflection – Developing Different Expressions
  7. Review, Note, Developing Several Algebraic Patterns
  8. Developing Graphical Representations
  9. Identifying Linear Patterns from Graphs
  10. Problem, Mathies Match (Graph, expression visual)
  11. Finding A Term Using a Graph
  12. Review- Visual Representation and Pattern Rules
  13. Representing Patterns – Tables and Expressions

First Week of Math

1st Homework Assignment


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