Welcome to the extra-curricular website for WO Music!  We’re glad you’re here.  We believe that music inside and outside of class makes for a fantastic, well-rounded, Waterloo-Oxford high school experience.  We value excellence in both vocal and instrumental music, strong connections with our school and community, and vibrant relationships for our students.

WO Music is a very busy place with 10 auditioned and non-auditioned ensembles that meet regularly.  Our rehearsal schedule appears here.

Waterloo-Oxford Music Department Schedule 
Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
7:00-7:55am Chamber Choir Sr. Concert Band Appassionata Sr. Stage Band Concert Choir

Jr. Stage Band






Jr. Concert Band


Guitar Ensemble
2:00-2:55pm Music Council Jazz Choir

Guitar Ensemble and Percussion Ensemble operate in opposite semesters. Guitar Ensemble will be in semester 1 and Percussion Ensemble will be in semester 2.

We have four teachers that help conduct and coach our music groups.  You can contact them through the WO Staff page if you need to reach them.

Mr. Domm – Sr. Stage Band, Sr. Concert Band, Jazz Choir and Intrepid

Mrs. Sue Millar Idsinga – Appassionata, Chamber Choir, Concert Choir, Intrepid and Jazz Choir

Mrs. Howard – Jr. Concert Band

Mr. Cowan – Percussion Ensemble, Guitar  Ensemble  and  Jr.Stage Band

Check the ‘News’ page for the most up-to-date information about the WO Music Department and upcoming events.

Not sure if a WO Music rehearsal is cancelled due to inclement weather?

Make sure you’ve joined the Google Classroom for each of your groups. You’ll receive the most up to date information about cancellations or rescheduled rehearsals there.

Thanks for checking out WO Music!