Before Selecting a Free Time Activity:

Make sure that:

    1. All overdue work is done

    2. You have done the assigned work well

    3. Your desk and classroom is neat and organized – tidy up before starting an activity

    4. Your activity does not distract or interfere with students still working


Coding with SCRATCH

Practice Typing with DANCE MAT TYPING

Draw or Sketch – look for a lesson on YouTube to improve your skills

Try an Origami Craft 

Play Prodigy

Read a Book or eBook

Yes, you may listen to school appropriate music while you do an activity:

  • Be careful with your hearing, keep the volume down
  • Music is in the background – no staring at the screen
    • Music/Videos needs to be acceptable to the teachers – no arguing with their decisions

Learn a new skill from YouTube

Board Games

More Board Games (CBC Kids)

Online Chess   (login with Google)

Connect Four

Online Battle Ship