Hello, everyone!   I’m Mrs. Gawley, library clerk at Forest Hill Public School, and this is my ‘cyber-ary’.  

WRDSB’s Library and Research Services has created a wonderful Library Learning Commons for us, and it’s so easy to find what you’re looking for!  Here’s the URL, or web address:

The Catalogue search is right on top (the ‘kids’ search is a friendly keyword search’), a New Titles section follows, and the third section is titled Virtual Library – Elementary.  There you can find links for direct access to wonderful resources like:

                        TumbleBooks — read a story book online, or have it read to you — and there are games too!

                        BookFlix — like TumbleBooks, but it has a storybook paired with a related fact book.

                        PebbleGo  — great facts for your school projects, or just information for fun.                                              

                        NovelList K-8 Plus — Want to find a good book?  Here are some great ones.  

                                               You can get recommendations of books that read like your favourites.

                        Capstone Interactive Library — junior level fact books in a comic book format

                        Brittanica Elementary Encyclopedia — your go-to source for multimedia information about specific topics

                        OverDrive —  ebooks are attached to your account so you can read anywhere you can sign on.  How cool is that?!


Your userid and password are all you need!  (If you don’t know it, ask your teacher or me for help). You can check your account from here too — see what books you have out, what’s overdue, request books, and write book reviews. 


The website also display WRDSB’s Twitter feed, featuring lots of great learning suggestions from WRDSB Libraries.  Across the top, the tabs explore other dimensions of the library system.  Check out ‘Learning’ for information on doing research, and ‘Discovery’ for connections to great fiction.




2 thoughts on "Home"

  1. Hello Mrs. Gawley. I like your website.
    I added a link from my site to yours to make it easier for my students to take advantage of the cool stuff you have for them.

    1. Yay! The internet is such a cool place, but libraries are really good at helping sort what’s good and what’s not. Glad you had fun exploring!

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