Contact Information

The easiest (and preferred) way to contact me is to email me at shelly_erwin@wrdsb.ca.   Alternatively, you can call the school at (519)669-5414 (x8819) and leave a voicemail message.

Mrs. Erwin’s Schedule (Fall 2018)

Period A: Prep Period (Math Office)
Period B: MPM 1DI  (Room 44)
Period C: MCR 3UI (Room 44)
Period D: MDM 4UI (Room 44)

Extra Help

I’m available for extra help most days at lunch and after school.  Every Wednesday I am in the Math Help Room (Room 45) during the second half of lunch (11:15 – 11:45). Otherwise, I can usually be found in my classroom (Rm 44) or the math office (Rm 39).