Contact Information

The easiest (and preferred) way to contact me is to email me at   Alternatively, you can call the school at (519)669-5414 (x77740337) and leave a voicemail message.

Mrs. Erwin’s Schedule (Spring 2020)

Period A: Prep Period (Math Office)
Period B: MDM 4UI  (Room 44)
Period C: MCF 3MI (Room 44)
Period D: MPM 1DI (Room 44)

Course Information

All students have access to information, such as test dates, homework, and completed lessons,  pertaining to their specific course through Google Classroom, using their PAL login.

Extra Help

I’m available for extra help most days at lunch and after school.  Every Wednesday I am in the Math Help Room (Room 31) during the second half of lunch (11:15 – 11:45). Otherwise, I can usually be found in my classroom (Rm 44) or the math office (Rm 39).