Category: Math

Coding Starts Next Week!

Today, we spent some time exploring Scratch, a computer programming platform perfect for students. Scratch allows students to create their own computer programs online. The site can be accessed on any laptop, Chromebook, or desktop computer. Unfortunately, it’s not available on tablets just yet. Next week we’re going to create our own accounts and begin […]

Fractions Quiz on Monday

We’ll be having a Fractions Mini-Quiz on Monday. We’ve been covering the following material in class this week which we’ll be assessing with this small quiz. comparing fractions to 0 and 1 on a number line comparing fractions based on the size of parts For help and more information you can always check out our YouTube Channel […]

Multiplication/Division Quiz on Tuesday

Hi Cool Cats, As discussed in class we’ll be having a multiplication and division quiz on Tuesday. Since I don’t believe in surprises (unless it’s my birthday) the test will be extremely similar to our practice pages. I’ve included these pages below so you can download them and practice more at home. Check out our YouTube channel for our […]