W-O Music is pleased to announce that our phase 2 groups are running now. Our phase 2 groups include: Chamber Choir, Men’s Choir, Jazz Choir and Sr. Stage Band. Chamber Choir is our auditioned SATB choir. They are under the direction of Sue Millar Idsinga and they rehearse on Monday mornings at 7:00am. Men’s Choir is our TTBB choir and they’re co-directed by Sue Millar Idsinga and Mark Domm. They meet on Tuesdays at lunch on the caf stage. There is no audition required for that choir. Jazz Choir is an auditioned SATB choir that specializes in jazz and other popular music. They’re under the co-direction of Mark Domm, Sue Millar Idsinga and Josh Cowan. They rehearse on Fridays after school. Our final phase 2 group is the Sr. Stage Band. They’re an auditioned instrumental jazz group under the direction of Mark Domm. They meet on Thursday mornings at 7:00am.

Our non-auditioned groups currently remain open for new members for another 2 weeks. It’s not too late to join. Be a part of our team!