Dell Activity Light

FYI – Dell Activity Light (if you are curious) What’s that light on the back of these Grade 9 Chromebooks? It is called the “Dell Activity Light” There is an offical app in the Chrome Web Store your students can use to change the light: I also noticed a 3rd party apps that can […]

Google Certified Educator for IT Support

Last year with our Digital Learning Team (DLT) at Southwood Secondary School, we endeavored on a project to become certified Google Educators. As the only non-teacher sitting on our DLT, I wasn’t sure if this course would be useful to me. Boy, was my uncertainty invalid. I found the training materials easy to follow along, […]

Lighting Consoles

Let me preface this post by telling you I am not a lighting engineer and have exactly zero training in this area. However, as the school’s Jack-Of-All-Trades technician, I’ve been tasked with improving our lighting system. Southwood has a small Gymnatorium. Inside is a 12-channel STRAND dimmer (well, 11, since 1 is non-operational) and a […]

RISE Vision + Google Slides for Digital Signage

This September we started using RISE Vision Software to run three digital displays at Southwood Secondary School. One is located in the front hallway, two are located in the Cafeteria. All three are being run by one desktop computer and a VGA splitter (not ideal, but it works). The RISE Vision Software is great for […]

Back-To-School Device Shopping Guide 2015-16

With the last week of summer coming up, it’s time to start thinking back-to-school shopping. Slowly we are seeing a shift from three ring bingers to mobile devices. While we continue to make technology more accessible in the schools, there is nothing stopping you from bringing your own tech. Southwood Secondary School has free wireless […]

Survival Guide for Chromebooks

Poor Chromebooks. They are probably the most used and abused technology in our schools right now. At Southwood, we have 4 carts of 30 (ish) first gen Samsung Chromebooks. Like most first generation things, they have come with issues. Fickle power adapters, wearing track pads, wireless bugs and a plastic construction that can’t cope with […]

Data grows faster than trees

Print less. Someone has probably muttered those words to you before. Wiki suggests the Printing Press was first invented in 1440. In a time long before the Kindle, Google Drive and WordPress. “PrintMus 038” by vlasta2 – Flickr: PrintMus 038. Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Commons. Fast forward 575 years later, and we have […]

CATC Camp Reflections

This summer I had the honour of working at CATC Camp. While supporting WRDSB staff, our Information Technology Support Staff team discussed some new ideas and approaches. One of the ideas we tried out was a digital display project using Rise Vision. Digital Displays powered by @RiseVision for #catc15 – using existing school hardware for […]