Summer weather lingers

This has been a fantastic week weather-wise. The sun has been (mostly) shining, changing the cool and fresh mornings into beautiful and hot afternoons. It’s always welcome in September to have a reminder of the warmer days of the summer.

This week 81 began their listening activity by taking notes and identifying main ideas from explanatory texts about the environment. Their grammar journey is rolling along after having a test on Friday on 10 key verbs (in the present tense). It continues with the past tense (passé composé) next week! Geography is full of rich content focused on studying settlement patterns, communities, population, and push and pull factors for immigration. 81 will show their expertise in this on Thursday, September 24 on their first Geography test of the year.

71 has had a productive and successful week showing their understanding of routines and classroom procedures. They are improving each and every day at getting to their lockers, collecting their things and getting to their classes within the 5 minutes after bells at the beginning of the day and at breaks. Please continue to encourage them to have their materials organized in their backpacks and lockers so they know what they need at each block. Having just two classes to collect materials for makes it easy to plan! 71 has started their listening unit to jot down clear notes and summarize what they hear. They are further developing their vocabulary with everyday expressions and key verbs (tested on Friday!). They will add more verbs to their list for next week.

Have a beautiful weekend, enjoy the already changing leaves and crisp fall air!

– Mme Trautrim