So, what have I been up to? (it’s been a busy semester …)

This semester’s instructional leadership team consisted of a new group of people, with some returnees. We selected a group which represented a cross-section of the school – from English, science, languages, math, PHE, family studies, business, and social sciences – anesd invited them to join.  We continued to work on our school-identified area of focus:  collaboration […]

Week of February 9 -13

Met with e-learning teacher (CB) to discuss her course plan and whether she has implemented AER policies effectively.

Week of Feb 2 – 6

January 5 – 9

My “formal” LST time this week actually spent after school one day when I met with one of my ILT members to discuss his intention to implement the collaboration ideas we’ve explored in Semester 1 when he teaches a new course in Semester 2.  He is open to re-thinking how the course is delivered (it […]

December 15 – 19

Well, this week was playing a lot of catch-up with people.   Nothing substantial collected because everyone was in pre-holiday wrap-up.  

Week of December 8 – 12

Spent the entire morning (LST and prep period) recording various ILT members’ classes which were doing collaboration.

Week of December 1 – 5

Monday – whole day devoted to English dept LST support; met with assistant head and worked on courses of study for grades 9 and 10; identifying the essential learnings and required learning for each course Tuesday – LST meeting at board office Prepped for next week’s ILT meeting #4.

November 24 – 28

Preparing for ILT meeting #3 Visited and recorded Careers class (with teacher HL).  She has had students working on collaborating to create a multi-learning style presentation.  Will share video at next ILT meeting. ILT Meeting #3 on Thursday, Nov 27th We read an article and shared our responses via a shared Google Doc – click […]

November 17 – 21

This week was difficult for me to get to see my ILT members – I was out of the school on a field trip one one day and playing catch-up because of it. I am working on getting into classrooms to see team members in action – we’ve decided that it is difficult to “see” […]

Week of November 10 – 14

Extremely busy week, marks were due the day before our ILT meeting. Tried to support ILT members because they were submitting/correcting/verifying marks AND preparing to be out of classes on Wednesday morning. ILT meeting #2 At this meeting we continued to work on developing the collaboration activities we were going to use within our classes.  […]

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