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Gr 7 Lab experiments this week.

Lab experiments will be taking place this week. Most classes understand the importance of being safe will in the Chemistry lab! Students are looking forward to taking home their lip balm and showing you what they’ve made.

NEW Units and Tests Returned

We have officially started our new units for Grade 7 and 8! There will be a technical safety component attached to both units.  Unit tests have been returned to some classes the rest will be returned next week. Grade 7 Pure Substances and Mixtures BIG IDEAS -evaluate the social and environmental impact of the use […]

Unit Tests

Unit Tests for both divisions will start November 1st once the Genius Projects are complete! Specific dates have been assigned to classes in Google Classroom. Grade 7 Interactions in the Environment Unit Test “Part B”  What you need to know: Photosynthesis Herbivore Predator Toxic substance Prey *Ecosystem (first test) *What plants provide (first test) Carnivores […]

Genius ½ Hour; An Inquiry Based Learning Activity

Genius ½ Hour; An Inquiry Based Learning Activity What is Genius ½ Hour? Genius ½ Hour is your time to be creative and explore ideas that matter to you and which could potentially be incorporated into the real world.  In the business world, this process has garnered such innovations as Gmail and Google Maps among […]

Office Hours and other Extra Curricular Activities

My office hours have now been posted. I will be available: Day 1 Second Break for the entire break in the Science Room for students who would like to review science related material. Other days I’m involved in…and students can still join the following clubs: Day 3 Second Break: Intermediate Drama Club Day 4 First […]


Hope everyone had a great long weekend! Tests will be returned this week! Class time was given so students could review, many students were prepared and the results showed that.  It is very important for duo tangs to go home to review for tests. Also resources such as the textbook are in google classroom. Please […]

Projects Due Next Week

Happy Thanksgiving! In the next two weeks Gr 7 “Animal Research Projects” are due! Dates for those projects are October 12th -October 15th. All classes have had plenty of time in class to research their animal and how it interacts in the environment. Looking forward to hearing all presentations! Gr 8 “Edible Cell projects” are […]

Review for Tests

Hi Everyone,  Both grades will be having tests around the same time next week. Many notes have been taken in class, additional resources are on Google classroom.  Overview of both tests below. Grade 7 Unit 1 Interactions in the Environment (Test Dates October 2nd- October 4th for all four classes) What you need to know for […]

Gr.7 Case Studies on Peregrine Falcons and the Polar Bears of Churchill, Manitoba

We continue to enjoy and learn about how human interactions have affected our environment. Students seem to understand “the chain of events” that occur when we “WANT of something.” The use of technology over the decades has lead us to have further discussions on the Peregrine Falcon and the Polar Bears of Churchill, Manitoba. We […]

Gr 8- The Incredible Edible Cell!

Project # 1 The Incredible Edible Cell Project Gr. 8 students will be challenged with their first project this year! They are to construct a 3-dimensional EDIBLE model of a plant or animal cell. The cell and all of its organelles must be edible. Edible projects could range from pizza, cakes, veggie and fruit platters […]

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