Course Outline

Chapter 1

Language (c# Console)

programming concepts and skills I

  • input and output methods.
  • Data types ( integers- double- string)
  • If statements ( If….. Else If Else…..)
  • Boolean operators ( Use of and , OR )
  • Loops ( For loop with different steps and different start and end )
  • Manipulating strings using loops
  • Nested loops
  • Applications



Chapter 2

Software development

2.1  one-dimensional arrays and related concepts, including elements, indexes, and bounds;

2.2 write programs that incorporate user input, processing, and screen output;

2.3 Application: Snake Game


Chapter 3

Computer environments and system

1.1 File maintenance

1.2 Dynamic web pages.

1.3 Dealing with servers

1.4 HTML and PHP

1.5 Mysql,data

Assignments and Applications


Chapter4 Journals

4.1 Computers and Society

4.2 Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability

4.3 Computer radiation

4.4 Career choices and trends in computer science

4.5 Safeguard data





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