Wrapping up some units. Work heading home!

Grade 4s will be bringing their Dictee #2 and their affiche de voyage home. They are beginning a unit on playground games which involves names, actions and conversation practice. Grade 1s will be reviewing Easter vocabulary through sentence identification and writing. They will then delve into personal introductions and daily activities.

Please Sign French Dictée (Grade 4)

The Grade 4s had their first French Dictée (Spelling Test) and will be bringing it home March 20th to be signed by parents. These Dictées will not occur every week but serve to remind students of spelling and pronunciation of many high frequency words needed for French.

Le voyage

Our Grade 4s will be learning about “Voyager au Canada” (Travelling in Canada) for the next few weeks. We will be reviewing prepositions of place, activities, Canadian geography and creating posters to share our favourite places in Canada.

Our amazing bodies!

The Grade 1s have been shaking and dancing to learn the body in French. They have learned “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes” in French and a full poem.

Wrapping up “Les trois petits cochons”

The Grade 4s have been hard at work practicing “Les trois petits cochons.” Quizzes will be taken up and heading home Thursday for parent signatures. The Grade 4s will also be presenting their individual plays throughout the next couple of days to show off their animal skills!

Les animaux!

Animals are everywhere in our French class. The Grade 1s are completing a unit on animals in the home and the farm while our Grade 4s are beginning the play “Les trois petits cochons.”

New Units!

Our Grade 4s will be learning about French Culture in Ontario. Our Grade 1s will be learning about the weather and words to describe the outdoors.

Please sign French Quiz (Grade 4)

Today the Grade 4s will be receiving their food quizzes. We have corrected them together in class and they are going home to be signed and returned.

Grade 4 Quiz

This Thursday the Grade 4s have a unit quiz on food “la nourriture” They will be asked to share the key words and statements for the unit as well as be asked to write sentences about foods they do and do not like. All materials necessary for study are in their ‘cahier.’

Talking about Ourselves!

In Grade 4 we are completing a unit on talking about our families. Students shared sentences using details about their family members. Vocab- Voici… and Ma/Mon/Mes In Grade 1 we are learning how to introduce ourselves and ask about other’s names and feelings. We have transitioned to simple conversations!

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