Welcome to a new year of learning and having fun!  As a community of learners, we will explore the different sections of the curriculum in a respectful and interesting way.  Please remember to always try your hardest, never give up and respect the learning of the community.  Every person in the class has the right to learn in a safe environment.

As apart of our classroom community, each student is expected to complete a daily job.  The jobs will be chosen by the students for the students.  For each job you do, you will make money which is paid out weekly at the EZ bank. You can also make money by being a model student, completing homework or assignments and reading every night.  On the other hand, you can lose money by breaking rules, hurting feelings or friends, and by not completing home assignments or reading. At the end of the month, you will have the opportunity to spend the cash you have made in the EZ store. Families can donate to the class store by donating used toys or games or little dollar store items.  My favourite place to get store items is value village.

Parents my contact me through my email (erin_reader-norris@wrdsb.ca) at the school or through the planner.

The google calendar is a great way to keep up with what is going on at school.  I will also Tweet activities and ideas @MmeReadersClass


This website is a launching pad for you to explore what we are doing in your course with me.  Within Google Classroom, you can view upcoming announcements, assignments, and resources.  I communicate with students and parents via both WRDSB-approved websites.  This year I am also using the remind app.  Information will come home soon about how to sign up.

I look forward to learning with you this year!

Mme Reader-Norris