Mr. Quosai,  Is a teacher in the Technological Studies Department at Preston High School.  He has been at Preston since 1996 and has taught many different tech courses in his time at Preston.  He is the lead teacher in the Construction and Computer Technology programs, and has played an active role in the development of our grade nine program.  Out side the classroom he coaches Cross Country running in the fall and Track and Field in the spring.

Courses This Year 

Exploring Technology ( Grade 9 Tech )

TIJ 1OI  (2017 sem 1 )

TEJ 1OI  (2018 sem 2 )

Construction Technology

TCJ 2OI  (2017 sem 1 )

TCJ 3EI  (2017 sem 1 )

TCC 3EX (2017 sem 1)

TCJ 4EI  (2017 sem 1 )

TCC 3EX (2017 sem 1)

Computer Technology

TEJ 2OI (2017 sem 1 )

TEJ 3MI (2017 sem 1 )


My Extra Curricular Activities  

Cross Country

Track and Field


My Preferred method of communicating with parents or student outside of the school day is via email

My school email is





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