March 12, 2020

We voted and … Our symbolically adopted North American Beaver and Black-footed Ferret finally have names. This means the stuffies in our room will be known as Cheddar (the Beaver) and Jerry (the Ferret).


February 24, 2020

Unfortunately, Bacon died sometime over the weekend. He was loved by four different classes of grade 4/5 students.


February 19, 2020

Our symbolically adopted American Beaver and Black-footed ferreted. Stay tuned for their names.









September 16, 2019 We released four boys in the past week. Two today. We can’t wait for our remaining chrysalis to turn into a butterfly!









September 10, 2019 Our first butterfly hatched. We released her at the end of the day. We were VERY excited!










September 5, 2019

All but one of the caterpillars have gone into a chrysalis (5). It is hanging in the “J” shape.


August 26, 2019

This is definitely a much better year for observing Monarch butterflies. As a result, I am having less difficulty finding caterpillars to bring into the classroom. In less than five minutes today, I found six caterpillars of various stages. Four alone were on one branch of wild milkweed. Stay tuned for pictures of these beautiful insects!


Three years ago my class was challenged to write a persuasive paragraph to convince me to have a class pet in the room. They wrote so well that a Beta Fish moved in. After democratically voting, “Bacon” became its name. Bacon has survived three different classes, and seems to want to make it four.