The grade 5’s were learning about changes in state, so with a little help from our liquid (vinegar) and granular solid (baking soda), we created our gas (carbon dioxide) with a little bit of a splatter.














The grade five’s have been learning about the respiratory and circulatory systems. In order to visualize the parts of the blood and how the respiratory system works, we created some models as seen below.








On Thursday, December 12 volunteers, retired teachers, from the Stemcamp Foundation came to the school to present STEM (coding) workshops. The students were able to learn about Ozobots and how they move by using colours to code directions.













December 2019   The grade 4’s have been working on reading maps and finding information about Canada’s natural resources.










The students were given twenty pieces of 8.5″ x 11″ pieces of paper to build the tallest tower they could with no scissors, tape, glue, etc. We had some difficulties but below are a few of our successes.








The grade 4’s just finished rocks but we keep seeing items which remind us of our unit.





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