Below are some websites which you may help to develop your knowledge:


Free for 3 months Dreambox (math). Parents Sign up at

RAZkids (reading). Free for remainder of school year. Parents Sign up at

March LINKS – The last 3 we have done in class and they may have another way to login.

Learning at Home by Scholastic

Fun Activities to Do by Scholastic

Espark – Language and Math

Knowledgehook  for math

Xtra Math for math fact drills (speed based)

Scholastic Learn at Home

Links for Math Activities 

How can Parents help at home…

Parent Reference Guide:  Doing Mathematics with your Child

Math Online Games: ($ for membership)

Fun 4 the Brain 


Arcademic Skill Builders  – ($ may be involved)

Cool Math Games

Math Frog

Epractice (needs Flash)


Create a Graph

Nelson Math 4

Nelson Math 5

Ancient Mi’kmaq Game – Waltes


Pyramid Solitaire


Links for Language

Spirit Animals

For help with punctuation:  The Oatmeal

Spelling City

Learn to Type


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