February 2020 – Our Snow People and Mandalas






























January 31, 2020 Shading

Mrs. Y. came in again today to teach us a variety of ways to create shading.































December 11, 2019 Card Making & Gingerbread House Drawing (when assigned work was done)































November 22, 2019 Monochromatic Art

The students enjoyed another art lesson with Mrs. Y who taught us about hues, tints, shades, etc. and how to make them. Below are some of our art in progress. Mrs. Y also brought in some more Zentangles for us to try out while we waiting for paint to dry.




































November 2019 Skulls

We are working on our ability to use symmetry and balance in our artwork.































October 2019    What have we been up to? A LOT

Rock Art– we learned how to paint on rocks













While we waited for a spot to paint at the rainbow table, a lot of us Zentangled leaves which developed into a full flown tree : )









Sept. 27th

Mrs. Y (retired teacher & friend of my family) and Heather (my daughter in grade 10 in TVDSB) visited on Friday to teach us and Mrs. Ward’s class about Zentangles. The students loved it!!! Some mentioned how awesome it was for their ability to concentrate and calm down. Others couldn’t believe how addictive it was. Below are a number of our creations as the afternoon went.




















Sept. 12-19 I am very proud of the students for sharing their artistic skills! Todd, the owner of Foodland, asked the students at Cedar Creek to decorate some paper bags for Thanksgiving hampers. These are a few of what our class created.














Sept. 17 & 19 Working with pastels to blend colours





















Sept. 10 Linear Art: It is amazing how a simple line can make something so cool.






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