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Topics of Study:


  • developing our ability to use transition words
  • learning about different parts of non-fiction writing
  • non-fiction writing
  • editing for homophones, tense, capitals, run along sentences and punctuation


Grade 4 Math: Number Sense: Division

  • divide to 81 ÷ 9, using a variety of mental strategies
  • divide two-digit whole numbers by one-digit whole numbers

Continue Data Management

  • understand what the median is and determine the median of a set of data
  • determine and describe the shape of a set of data across its range of values, using charts, tables, and

Grade 5 Math:  Number Sense: Division

  • divide three-digit whole numbers by one-digit whole numbers
  • multiply decimal numbers by 10, 100, 1000,and 10 000, and divide decimal
    numbers by 10 and 100

Grade 4 Science: Habitats and Communities

  • analyse the effects of human activities on habitats and communities
  •  investigate the interdependence of plants and animals within specific habitats and communities
  •  demonstrate an understanding of habitats and communities and the relationships among the plants
    and animals that live in them.

Grade 5 Science: Properties of and Changes in Matter

  • evaluate the social and environmental impacts of processes used to make everyday products
  •  conduct investigations that explore the properties of matter and changes in matter
  • demonstrate an understanding of the properties of matter, changes of state, and physical and
    chemical change

Gym:  Floor Hockey, Cooperative Games


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Attendance Line 519-632-5255 “option 1”

Mrs. Pucher’s voicemail 519-632-525, “option 2” Ext. #77727546

email:   cindy_pucher@wrdsb.ca


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