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WRITING (February-March)

In writing, we have just completed our Memoirs. Coming up next, we will be studying and creating a variety of figurative language (through poetry and popular songs). Students will then need to incorporate these literary devices into their major writing assignment of term 2: a “Fantasy World” descriptive writing piece.  

READING (February)

In Reading, we are currently using a variety of World War I and II picture books to help with the understanding of theme, and how to uncover the author’s message (theme).  Upon completion of this study, we will be using a feature film to make inferences, review story maps, and of course, write a theme […]


WELCOME! WELCOME! WELCOME! I will consistently post important assignments and dates on this site for both parents and students to access.  The best feature of this website is the fact that if you are a parent/guardian and subscribe to the website (as simple as adding your email address), you will receive notifications immediately when a […]