Your involvement and interest in the education of your child is a significant factor in your child’s school success.  This website and other online tools are designed for us to work together to maximize your child’s learning and success this year.

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  • This website contains many links to support your child with their learning or to get extra practice with skills we are currently working on in class.  I hope you will encourage your child to bookmark and visit this site regularly.


How student planners are used in my classroom:

  1. The planner is your child’s organizational tool.  They should use it for school and out of school planning and organizing.  Your child will be using it effectively if they are adding information that they need and I did not specifically asked them to put in.  (i.e., friend and family birthdays, team practices, family plans and outings…)
  2. I do not use the planner for reporting student behaviour at school.  In my opinion this is the reason students “forget” their planners.  It is best if you need to communicate with me about issues, especially something serious, that you email me or leave a voice message on the phone.  I DO NOT COLLECT AND CHECK PLANNERS.  If there is a note on the planner, your child needs to show it to me.  You will know I saw it if it is initiated by me.
  3. Your child will use the planner regularly and frequently.  I am saying this to parents who feel that it is not worth the $5 cost.  (The actual cost is over $10, the remainder was paid by parent council for you)  Before becoming a teacher I was a business person for many years.  I can attest to the failure of many otherwise talented people in any endeavour because of poor organizational and planning skills.  I can not teach these life skills if your child does not a planner.


  • Have a specific location for the planner to be placed after school. preferably open.  I recommend in the place where lunches are placed for pick up in the morning.
  • Take a quick scan to encourage your child to be ready for upcoming school due dates, events and activities.  (i.e., gym clothes on Days 1 & 4, math quiz on Day 4…)
  • Have your child enter future personal and family activities and appointments.  This way I can schedule a test or due dates for projects and presentations around planned absences for example.
  • Check the planner in the morning so that your child will remember things they need to bring to school that day.
  • Planners will not be forgotten because they will be picked up where lunches are.  They will come home each day because it will become a natural thing to do like getting their school bag.

School planners are full of features that are interesting and useful to the children that explore them.  Good reading for the days when your child does not have a library book handy.



It is best if students don’t bring distracting items to the classroom.  If you want to have some personal items the following is a recommended list of things that are useful:

Any item that interferes with a student’s learning will be collected and sent home at the end of the day.

All students need to keep a pair of indoor athletic shoes at school.  A reusable shopping bag for storing personal items on their hook is also recommended.

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The code number  you need will be on a label attached to the front page of your child’s planner.  It .

If you do not have the codes for your children, please contact the school secretary at:



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