Gr. 12 Business Leadership

Course Description:

BOH 4MI:  The business leadership course allows students to explore how managers function in organizations and take on the challenge of generating solutions in order to solve problems.  This course allows students to explore the roles, responsibilities, skills, and functions of management. Students will learn the factors that encourage effective leadership practices.  Emphasis throughout the course will be placed on the importance of ethics and social responsibility in the corporate world. Students will learn how to communicate effectively for business purposes.  The business leadership course will prepare students to work effectively within organizations in positions of employment and management.

BOG 4EI:  This course helps students prepare for managerial positions in their future careers. Students will focus on the development of core skills required to become a successful manager, including operations management, inventory control, marketing, financial planning, scheduling, and communication. Students will also explore the management challenges of hiring, training, and motivating employees, and complying with legal requirements.

Course Outline: BOH_BOG Course Outline 2019_2020

Course Website: Google Classroom