Canada’s Interactions with The Global Community

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What the UN says are the TOP GLOBAL ISSUES           HAND-OUT with answers: UNGlobalIssuesanswers

HAND-OUT:  Canada’s Involvement in Global Organizations        Answer page:  Canada’s Involvement in Global Organizations answ

HAND-OUT: Canada’s Top Trading Partners       Answer page: TradeScavengerHuntanswers

HOMEWORK: Where are my clothes from?

POSTER ASSIGNMENT: On own or with a partner, design a poster about one of the Global Organizations that Canada is a member country of. What does the organization do? Where is it located? What member countries are part of it? What is its emblem?


Trade Matters to Me

Trade at Work

Learn About Canada-US agricultural trade relationship in this film

Who does Canada trade with? Watch this film


Canadian Identity

Discover Canada: The Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship study guide

Practice Citizenship Quiz

To become a citizen, you must understand the rights, responsibilities and privileges of citizenship, such as voting in elections and obeying the law. You must also show, in English or French, that you understand Canada’s:

  • history,
  • values,
  • institutions and
  • symbols.

If you are 14 to 64 years of age, when you apply for citizenship, you will need to take a citizenship test to show you have adequate knowledge of Canada and the responsibilities and privileges of citizenship. It is usually a written test, but it is sometimes taken orally with a citizenship officer.