One Point Perspective

As part of the Visual Arts curriculum, students will develop understanding of all elements of design. This assignment focuses on the element of space, considering centre of interest (focal point) and one-point perspective.

The criteria includes:

  • a road (or similar) travelling through the centre of a landscape, giving a sense of depth based on a vanishing point
  • at least one of a fence, trees, hydro poles along the road, showing understanding of appropriate intervals and widths to create a sense of depth and distance
  • interesting features on the horizon (such as the silhouette of a town, mountains, forest, hills) showing use of layers or silhouette
  • use of colour, including contrast (dark road, lighter land features), blending (sky, sunset), and shading (distances, edges of objects)
  • apply the design principle of BALANCE: arranging the elements to give an impression of equality in placement and distribution, with different components in sections that radiate from the vanishing point or focal point








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