March Break Extra Fun, Vol. 3

Hello Friends, Here’s our last installment of our extra fun for March Break. We’ll see you again in the classroom soon, but here’s some fun stuff to keep you busy in the meantime. Here’s a list of books on Rocks and Minerals that you can read from home. We’ll be starting Rocks and Minerals in Science […]

March Break Extra Fun, Vol. 2

Hi Friends, Here’s some more great stuff to check out over the March Break. Hope you’re having a great week, friends! Check out this link about Rocks and Minerals. We’ll be starting this in Science when we return. We’ll add one last update on Friday. Hope you’re having a great week.

March Break Extra Fun, Vol. 1

Hello Friends! Here’s our first March Break Extra Fun update. If you’re looking for something to do to keep your skills up to snuff you’ve come to the right place. Here are two math games you can play for practice, and fun!     Also, check out Spelling City where I’ve uploaded our spelling words so far […]

Happy March Break!

Hi Friends, Happy March Break. I hope you enjoy your time off, relax, and have fun with your families! I’ll be posting up a few times with links to things you might like to do if you’re looking for extra homework or practice. Stay tuned to our website and Twitter feed throughout the week, and let […]

Our Build-Your-Own Sound Device Project!

Today we’re starting to work on our build-your-own sound device. For this Science project, we’re using our technological problem-solving skills to create a device that either absorbs or reflects sound waves. We’ll be testing our devices by placing a smartphone inside and playing music. Students can choose to make an absorbing or reflecting device. In class, we’re using this Planning […]

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