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D.E.A.R. Novel Study Groups Beginning!

Hello Parents/Guardians, We’re about to begin one of my favourite activities for Grade 5 and 6, ourΒ Drop Everything and Read Novel Study Groups. Our D.E.A.R. groups give students, and myself, a chance to really dig deeply into a novel together, as a group, and to think about characters, plot, and some really neat issues which […]

Spelling is in Full Swing!

Hello Parents/Guardians, Our weeklyΒ spelling homework is in full swing and I just wanted to remind you how to access our spelling words, and how the program works. This year, our spelling words are based onΒ Latin andΒ Greek Root Words. That means, all of the words in the list of spelling words will have the sameΒ root. It’s […]

Show and Tell Starts!

Hello Parents/Guardians, For the last two weeks of school, our students have been asking if we can do aΒ Show and TellΒ with the class. Students took the initiative with creating a schedule, planning what Show and Tell should look like, and assigning students to certain days. It was some great work by our Room 10 Cool […]

Online Student Portfolios Are Coming!

Hi Room 10 families, Earlier in the year, we sent home a few monthly writing samples. Because our school doesn’t allow printing from Chromebooks, the process of printing out student work and sending it home was incredibly time consuming so we weren’t able to continue sending work home in the same way. That said, I’m […]

March Break Extra Fun, Vol. 3

Hello Friends, Here’s our last installment of ourΒ extra fun for March Break. We’ll see you again in the classroom soon, but here’s some fun stuff to keep you busy in the meantime. Here’s a list of books on Rocks and Minerals that you can read from home. We’ll be starting Rocks and Minerals in Science […]

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