Hello Friends and Families of Room 13 students,

For the past few weeks we’ve been busy learning about how to spot fake news in the Media Literacy strand of Language.

Fake news is false information that’s made to look like real news. First, we brainstormed a bunch of ways we could spot fake news on the Internet. We also talked about how fake news spreads, mostly through people not paying close enough attention before they share!

Next, we created our own fake news articles. Your student’s article, and their mark, are available on our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). Your student can login and show you on their account.

Finally, we spent the last week and a bit creating some incredible Fakes News Common Craft Videos for YouTube. These videos are in a style called Common Craft, a popular format for YouTube videos that “teach” or provide information. Creating the videos involved making a plan, writing a script, and creating props—all before even filming!

Our students worked incredibly hard to create these videos and the results are stunning!

Check out the videos right here: Fake News Common Craft Creations.

Enjoy, and let us know what you think!

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