Hello Grade 5/6B families,

As the dust has settled on our new, re-organized class I want to welcome the new families who have joined us and provide everyone with information about how to access our classroom Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) and, now, your student’s assessed work as well!

First, make sure to bookmark our class website. Our Virtual Learning Environment is linked from there.

The VLE is updated daily (often several times a day) with most of the things we’re learning in the classroom and includes video lessons from the Math we’re working on every single day. These videos are especially helpful for students to review what we’re learning in Math — they can even watch them during class if they want to recap the lesson from the day or the week before! Please have a look!

You can find the Math videos, and other things we’re working on, under the Content table at the top of the VLE.

Now, you can also find some of the material your student is working on and has been handing in during class. To find this, you can look two places. First, look under Assignments to see longer, written assignments your student is working on or has handed in. Handed back work will be assessed and will usually have feedback from me as well!

You can also see pictures of your student’s math work, art, and other evidence of their learning under Portfolio. Every day I am capturing evidence of your student’s learning — especially in Math — by taking pictures of what they’re working on and saving it under their Portfolio.

Finally, please make sure to follow our social media accounts. We are active on TwitterInstagram, and have a YouTube page as well.

Any time sensitive information will be sent out via School Day but you can keep in the loop — and see what we’re up to! — by following us on social media, too.

As always, if you have any questions please feel free to reach out!

Thanks for all your support. It’s not an ordinary school year by any stretch of the imagination but together we can make school an incredible place to be!

— Mr. Little

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