Hello Coronation Cool Cat Parents,

Well, what an experience! I hope that you and your families are doing well, staying home and safe and healthy.

Many of you I’ve had the opportunity of speaking with over the phone last week. It was great to connect, hear your voices, and to connect with many of your students as well!

This e-mail¬†is going to outline our plan for going forward. It’s a work in progress, I’m learning right alongside of you and your students, so things may change as we go. Right now, this is what makes the most sense but please do send me your feedback as we go ‚Äď let me know what’s working and what isn’t!

First of all, here’s an¬†introductory video¬†I’ve made to introduce our virtual classroom. Watch¬†this with your student, it will explain much of what I’ve written below:

Going forward, all of our learning activities will be posted on Google Classroom. Mme Mehan and Mrs. Firth will also be posting content there. Mr. G. and I will also be posting some cross-class content like we normally do so our classes can do some work together.

If you’re not able to access¬†Classroom¬†or not sure how to, watch the¬†introductory video¬†‚Äď I explain how to access it at the end.

If you need your students login and password information please e-mail me: keith_little@wrdsb.ca

Lessons and activities will be posted throughout the week but I will be posting a¬†morning video¬†and a¬†check-in¬†post every day. Like our normal classroom, the check-in will be an opportunity for students to leave a comment to tell everyone how they’re doing and feeling. It’s a great opportunity to touch base.

Many of you have been connecting with us over¬†Twitter¬†and¬†Instagram. I’ll continue to use those platforms. On¬†Twitter, I’ll share resources and I’ll update it when I’ve posted something new on¬†Classroom.¬†Instagram¬†will be used for more social things, to keep in touch, post fun updates, and for a new read-a-loud¬†series I’ll be starting ‚Äď I’m looking for suggestions for a chapter book to read so if students have any ideas, please send them my way!

Finally,¬†e-mail¬†is the best way to get in touch with me. I’ll be monitoring student comments on¬†Classroom¬†as well. I’ll respond to all e-mails¬†within 24 hours during the week but I will also have dedicated¬†office hours¬†every day¬†from¬†12 – 1pm. If you send me an¬†e-mail¬†during that time I’ll be able to respond right away.

Included in the linked video above is instructions for how students can e-mail me as well.

Friends, this is going to be a great adventure and I’m excited to go along with you on it! If you need anything please reach out to me.

Those families that expressed a need for devices at home should have been contacted by Mrs. Hutton-Walker to arrange loaning a Chromebook device to your household. If you haven’t heard yet, she should be in touch shortly. You can also call the school.

Be in touch! And talk to you soon!

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