Hello Parents/Guardians,

We’re about to begin one of my favourite activities for Grade 5 and 6, our Drop Everything and Read Novel Study Groups. Our D.E.A.R. groups give students, and myself, a chance to really dig deeply into a novel together, as a group, and to think about characters, plot, and some really neat issues which arise in the books we’re reading.

Here’s how it works.

Students are split up into reading groups. They’ve actually been in these groups all year so far. Each group is given a different novel and assigned a certain number of pages to read each week. Once a week, the group meets together to share what they’re thinking about what they’ve read and usually bring a section summary and two questions to share with the group.

A detailed schedule is available that shows what pages to read each week and when each group presents, as well as what they’re reading.

For example, the Pineapple group is reading The One and Only Ivan. They share on Mondays. For the first week they’ll read pages 1 – 59 and then on the next Monday they’ll each come with a section summary are two questions to share with the group.

Each individual is responsible for pacing themselves and completing their summary and questions on time or they’ll lose marks (which will effect their report card).

Every day, students are given at least 30 minutes of Language time to work on this but they may also complete it at home.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to reach out to me!

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