Hello Parents/Guardians,

Our weeklyΒ spelling homework is in full swing and I just wanted to remind you how to access our spelling words, and how the program works.

This year, our spelling words are based onΒ Latin andΒ Greek Root Words. That means, all of the words in the list of spelling words will have the sameΒ root. It’s very neat, and makes learning the words much easier as they all have a common element.

Spelling tests take place onΒ Mondays. New words come out the following day onΒ Tuesday.

Words should be recorded in your student’s planner but if you can’t find them (or your student was absent) a list ofΒ all of the words for the entire year is available here.

Spelling tests areΒ marked weekly but students don’t need to bring them home to be signed unless I ask them to (typically if they have failed a number of tests in a row).

If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know!

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