During this unit we will review some basic math skills required for success in upcoming units.  Each day will begin with a mini quiz based on the previous day’s lesson and practice.  The review work assigned for the test may be submitted on the day of the test for Bonus marks, but it must show complete solutions with justifications for your work

Date           Note Lesson                    Homework          Extras  
Tues. Sept. 8 Day 1/2
Course introduction Completed hmwrk
Wed. Sept. 9 Day 1

Thurs. Sept 10 Day 2

Rounding Blank Lesson Sheets Completed Lesson Notes Rounding Decimals

Rounding to 100ths

Rounding to 1000ths

Extra Rounding Worksheets
Fri. Sept 11 Day 3

Mon. Sept. 14 Day 4

Exponents Blank Lesson Sheets Completed Lesson Notes Exponents

Exponents 2

Exponent Song

Basic Exponents

Tues. Sept. 15 Day 1

Wed. Sept. 16 Day 2

Percent Blank Lesson Sheets Completed Lesson Notes Percent Hmwrk

Percent Hmwrk Pg2

What are Percentages?

What Percent Is It?

Percent in Lowest Term

Thurs. Sept. 17 Day 3

Fri. Sept. 18 Day 4

Integers Blank Lesson Sheets Completed Lesson Notes Integers Hmwrk Multiplying & Dividing Integers

Adding & Subtracting Integers

Mon. Sept. 21, Day 1

Tues. Sept. 22 Day 2

Order of Operations Blank Lesson Sheets Completed Lesson Notes 

Order of Oper. Hmwrk 2


Order of Operations Video

Wed. Sept. 23& 25, Day 3,1

Thurs. Sept. 24-26 Day 4,2

Operations with Fraction Blank Lesson Sheets Completed Lesson Notes Mult/Div Fractions Hmwrk

Add/Sub Fractions Hmwrk

Multiplying/Dividing Fractions

Fractions Rap

Adding/Subtracting Fractions

Improper Fractions

Adding Mixed Numbers

Tues. Sept. 29 Day 3

Wed. Sept. 30 Day 4

Blank SMART SHEET Completed Smart Sheet

Rounding Practise

Exponents Practise

Percent Practise

Integers Practise

Order of Oper. Practise

Oper. w/Fractions Practise

Practice Test

Study Tips

Study Hacks!

How to Study for a Math Test

Thurs. Oct.1 Day 1

Fri. Oct.2 Day 2

 Remember your completed
SMART Sheet for the test