On this page you will find all the lessons, homework, notes, and extras. The notes are the blank sheets that students can use to fill as we move through the material in the class. The lesson is the completed note, this will be posted after the lesson. Homework is a copy of the homework pages from the textbook. Extras, will be links to videos, games and online tutorials that will help you in your understanding of the material covered.

If you are having trouble accessing any of the material please come and see me.

Date           Note Lesson                    Homework          Extras  
Oct.5 & Oct.6 Cmpltd Lesson Notes
Oct.7 & Oct. 8 Cmpltd Lesson Notes Lssn2 Hmwrk
Oct.9 & Oct.13 Subtracting Polynomials Cmpltd Lesson Notes Lssn3 Hmwrk
Oct.14 & Oct.15 Multiplying Polynomials & A Constant Cmpltd Lesson Notes Lssn4 Hmwrk
Oct.16 & Oct.19
(Model product of 2 Polynomials)
Oct.20 & Oct21 Multiplying Polynomials & A Monomial Cmpltd Lesson Notes Lssn 5 Hmwrk

Lssn6 Hmwrk

Oct.22 & Oct.23 Review Day SMART Sheet Instructions Practice Test Chapter 7 Home Work Answers
Oct.27 & Oct.28 UNIT TEST