Essential Skills:

  • Determine the biggest area of a rectangle if I know the perimeter
  • Determine the smallest perimeter of a rectangle if I know the area
  • Solve real-life situations involving perimeter and area
Copy of the Optimization Unit Outline
Date Blank Lesson
Homework Extra Links
Day2: Wed Apr.13
Day3: Thu Apr.14
Rectangles with Given Perimeter  Lssn1 Cmpltd Pg. 51-52 #1, 4
Day4: Fri Apr.15
Day1: Mon Apr.18
Lssn2 Cmpltd Pg.55 #3, 5, 6
Day2: Tue Apr.19
Day3: Wed Apr.20
Lssn3 Cmpltd Pg.67 #1,-3
Day4: Thu Apr.21
Day1: Mon Apr.25
Minimum Perimeter for a Given Area

Blank Lesson Handout

Lssn4 Cmpltd Pg.63 # 3, 5, 6, 7
Day2: Tue Apr.26
Day3: Wed Apr.27
Lssn5 Cmpltd Pg.68 #4, 5, 6
Day4: Thu Apr.28
Day1:Fri Apr.29