On this page you will find all the lessons, homework, notes, and extras. The notes are the blank sheets that students can use to fill as we move through the material in the class. The lesson is the completed note, this will be posted after the lesson. Homework is a copy of the homework pages from the textbook. Extras, will be links to videos, games and online tutorials that will help you in your understanding of the material covered.

Essential Skills:

  • Determine if a relationship is linear using the graph and table of values with first differences
  • Understand and calculate the rate of change
  • Understand the difference between direct and partial variation
  • Use a real-life situation to create an equation, table of values or graph
  • Compare two linear relations on the same graph
Copy of the Unit Outline
Date Blank Note Completed Lesson Homework          Extras  
Day 2: Fri Jan.22
Day 3: Mon Jan.25
First Differences Lssn1 cmpltd
Day 4: Tue Jan.26
Day 1: Wed Jan.27
Rate of Change Lssn2 cmpltd
Day 2: Thur Jan.28
Day 3: Fri Jan.29
Other Rates of Change Lssn3 cmpltd
Day 4: Mon Feb.1
Day 1: Tue Feb.2
Lssn4 cmpltd
PD Day
Wed Feb. 3
Day 2: Thur Feb.4
Day 3: Fri Feb.5
Partial Variation Lssn 5 & 6 cmpltd
Day 4: Mon Feb.8
Day 1: Tue Feb.9
Changing Conditions Lssn5 & 6 cmpltd
Day 2: Wed Feb.10
Day 3: Thur Feb.11
Determining Values in a Linear Relation Lssn7 cmpltd
Mon. Feb. 15 Holiday Family Day
Day 4: Fri Feb.12
Holiday Mon Feb. 15
Day 1: Tue Feb.16
Lssn8 cmpltd
Day 2: Wed Feb.17
Day 3: Thur Feb.18
Systems with Two Linear Relations Lssn9 cmpltd
Day 4: Fri Feb.19
Day 1: Mon Feb.22


Day 2: Tue Feb.23
Day 3: Wed Feb.24