Lssn9 CmpltdOn this page you will find all the lessons, homework, notes, and extras. The notes are the blank sheets that students can use to fill as we move through the material in the class. The lesson is the completed note, this will be posted after the lesson. Homework is a copy of the homework pages from the textbook. Extras, will be links to videos, games and online tutorials that will help you in your understanding of the material covered.

Learning Goals:

Apply data management techniques (table of values, trends, scatter plots) to investigate the relationship between two variables.

Success Criteria/Essential skills

  • understand how to read information from a graph and table of value
  • construct a table of values and graph
  • understand the meaning of a line and curve of best fit
  • create a line or curve of best fit on a graph
  • use words to describe what a graph is showing
  • use line of best fit and trends to make predictions
Copy of the Unit Outline
Date     Blank Note Lesson Homework Extras
Day 4: Thur. Dec.3
Day 1: Fri. Dec.4
Interpreting Scatter Plots Lssn1 Cmpltd
Day 2: Mon. Dec.7
Dec. 3: Tues. Dec.8
Gathering Data Lssn2 Cmpltd
  •  Complete scatterplot of class data
Day 4: Wed. Dec.9
Day 1: Thur. Dec.10
Line of Best Fit Lssn3 Cmpltd
Day 2: Fri. Dec.11
Day 3: Mon. Dec.14
Quiz Today!
Lssn4 Cmpltd
Day 4: Tues. Dec.15
Day 1: Wed. Dec.16
Graphing Linear Relations Lssn5 Cmpltd
Day 2: Thur. Dec.17
Day 3: Fri. Dec.18
In class teacher planned activities
Christmas Break
Day 4: Mon. Jan.4
Day 1: Tues. Jan.5
Graphing Non-linear Relations Lssn6 Cmpltd
Day 2: Wed. Jan.6
Day 3: Thur. Jan.7
In class Investigations continued
  •  Complete graphs from investigations
Day 4: Fri. Jan.8
Day 1: Mon. Jan.11
In class Investigations continued
Monday was a SNOW DAY
  •  Complete graphs from investigations
Day 2: Tue. Jan.12
Day 3: Wed. Jan.13
Interpreting Graphs Lssn9 Cmpltd
Day 4: Thur. Jan.14
Day 1: Fri. Jan.15
Interpreting Graphs or


Day 2: Mon. Jan.18
Day 3: Tues. Jan.19
Review Lesson Review Lssn Cmpltd
Day 1: Thur. Jan.21
Day 2: Fri. Jan.22
Unit Test Today