Welcome to an exciting and fun filled year.  Check the calendar, which can be found in each of the units, to keep up with the lessons and links to fun activities that will help with your learning.  You can find the COURSE OUTLINE by clicking here MFM 1PI Course Handout.

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Important Dates:

  • Examination: June 11-24 2015
  • EQAO test:  June 2-5 2015
Unit Title Essential Skills
0 Review
  •  Unit test was on Thursday, October 1 – Day 3
1 Polynomials
  • understand that algebra terms (variables/letters) represent numbers
  • tell the difference between like and unlike terms
  • add and subtract like terms and polynomials
  • multiply terms involving variables
2 Equations
  • understand the meaning of the word “equation”
  • understand that solve means to find a value for the unknown variable
  • solve one-step equations involving inverse operations
  • solve multi-step equation
  • understand the meaning of the word “ratio”, “proportion”, and “unit rate”
  • solve proportions
  • solve real-life situations involving proportions
3 Graphing
  • understand how to read information from a graph and table of values
  • construct a table of values and graph
  • understand the meaning of a line and curve of best fit
  • create a line or curve of best fit on a graph
  • use words to describe what a graph is showing
  • use line of best fit and trends to make predictions
4 Linear Relations
  • determine if a relationship is linear using the graph and table of values with first differences
  • understand and calculate the rate of change
  • understand the difference between direct and partial variation
  • use a real life situation to create an equation, table of values or graph
  • compare two linear relations on the same graph
5 Measurement
  • calculate perimeter and area of basic shapes using formulas
  • determine the lengths of unknown sides in a right angle triangle
  • calculate perimeter and area of irregular shapes
  • tell the difference between pyramids and prisms
  • calculate the volume of 3 dimensional figures using the correct formulas
  • solve real-life situations involving perimeter, area and volume
6 Optimization
  • determine the biggest area of a rectangle if you know the perimeter
  • determine the smallest perimeter of a rectangle if I know the area
  • solve real-life situations involving area and perimeter
7 Angles in Geometry
  • calculate interior and exterior angles of different shapes
  • calculate angles involving parallel lines