Consistency is the key as the school year begins to wind down! Remember that we have a job that needs to be done and that there is a lot of work that remains. Lots of learning that can still be done and will be done! Keep up the hard work!

Things to Remember:

  • Grade 6 Toronto Trip details are on school-day. Please complete the permission form and payment. Cash instalments can be accepted. Please coordinate with me a plan should you require it!
  • Monday is Victoria Day and there is no school!
  • Tuesday to Thursday is EQAO for the Grade 6s. The schedule is as follows:

Tuesday: Math 1 AM; Language A PM

Wednesday: Math 2 AM; Language B PM

Thursday: Language C AM; Language D PM


  • Our Ted Talks are looking amazing! I’m looking forward to seeing them soon! This week we will begin to start thinking about how to present them and what we can do to ensure that the presentation is effective and presents the best ideas of our passion that we hope for!


  • This week we will experiment with Probability and test theoretical probabilities and see if there is a connection to the experiment

Social Studies:

  • Grade 5 – In preparation for the upcoming Provincial Election, students are preparing mediums to inform our student voters in our mock school election. They are making websites, posters and documents to present to the school.
  • Grade 6 – In researching a world issue, they will develop an Action Plan to help solve the issue and how Canada can help.

Keep on working hard! The summer is close but there is still more to do!

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