We are feeling the end and it is so great to see all our hard work come to a culmination. In the following weeks, we will see lots of different tasks come to an end and some new learning with coding and sphero start in the classroom. We will expand on our learning in Math using coding and problem solving to develop resilience and perseverance.

Things to Remember:

  • Grade 6 Toronto Trip details are on school-day. Please complete the permission form and payment. Cash instalments can be accepted. Please coordinate with me a plan should you require it!
  • Junior Achievement for Grade 6 on Monday 14 May.
  • WTT Track and Field on Tuesday 15 May.


  • Now that we have finished our read-aloud, we will begin to analyze our story and make a visual representation of the characters and show our understanding! We will be using a new web-based app called StoryBoardThat that allows students to make Graphic organizers and comic boards that are easy to change, manipulate and make work! It is a great learning tool that I will definitely be using for a long time!
  • Our Ted Talks are looking amazing! I’m looking forward to seeing them soon!


  • This week we will experiment with Probability and test theoretical probabilities and see if there is a connection to the experiment
  • Grade 6s will also do some EQAO Prep to get ready for next week!

Social Studies:

  • Grade 5 and Grade 6 – We will begin to start our final projects for both classes with the ideas of looking at a problem that needs to be solved. Grade 5 will look at a problem in Canada and Grade 6 will look at a world problem!

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