What a great week this was! We are well on our way to achieving our daily goals and we are working hard to become better students every day! Our Cubes and Mandalas are starting to really look good! They will look great by the end of the week when they’re up and on display

Math class is off and running, full steam ahead and we are working VERY hard learning new concepts and building upon our learning from our past grades. Great work to everyone for participating during our Math Groups, sharing new strategies with your group and the class and helping to build our strategy/success criteria bulletin board in the class.

Things to know:

  • The Sesame, BYOD forms can be brought back to M. Mendes at your own convenience. Forms can also be found here.
  • Please encourage your child to use their planner on a daily basis. Our homework continues this week. We will continue our homework on Google Classroom. Students are expected to complete their weekly homework online. Just a reminder that students should be going to Google Classroom to see their mini response that is due ONE week from Monday.
  • I will be providing an IXL code of the day on Remind. IXL is an English math website that can help improve basic skills and support classroom learning. Some days the code will connect directly to the learning of the day and other days may be a recursive review of previous lessons. IXL provides 20 free questions every day. There is a subscription for accessing unlimited questions of which the information is on the website.
  • Parents, please encourage a dialogue from your child to see what they are working on and how they are completing their homework. Also, feel free to observe your child while they complete their homework. At any time should you have any questions about the weekly homework, feel free to contact me.

This week in Room 19:

French Language:

  • We are going to begin discovering our classroom library with reader’s workshop. We will look at the different books that are available to us in Room 19 and use a variety of ways to track our reading. This week introduces us to our reader’s symbols that can help us track our reading in our notebooks. There will be constant check-ins with peers and myself. Keep an eye on Sesame for various check-ins and notes regarding your child’s reading trends in French.
  • We will be finshing our first writing projects. Our grade 5s will finish with their Mandala’s about who they are as a learner in reading, writing, math and their intelligence. If you would like to take the same test as your child to find their intelligence type you can find it here. Our grade 6s will be finishing their personality cubes which is all about them!
  • We will also start our first writing task talking about adding detail and making more complex sentences with deep thinking. We will be using our Growth Mindset ideas to help us as a theme for this writing


  • Grade 5- We will be moving into multiplication and division with a look at the basics as well as looking at different strategies to help us compute in class. There are several ways to multiply and divide. In class, I will be showing two for multiplication and two for division. If you know of others, please share them with your child.
  • Grade 6- We will be looking at multiples and factors of numbers, focusing on the prime factors of prime and composite numbers.

Social Studies:

  • We will continue our Inquiry Project looking at different cities around the world and what makes them viable!

Thanks to your support! I continue telling the students to be the best they can be and our Motto in our classroom is ”Becoming is better than Being.” (Devenir c’est mieux que d’être) This is an example of Growth Mindset and always trying to be better than you are now! If you would like to learn more about the Growth Mindset, here is a video about Carol Dweck, a pioneer of the Growth Mindset.

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