This has been an amazing week in Room 19! It has been wonderful to see so many familiar faces again this year and so wonderful to see some new faces. This week has been great to get to know one another and great to get into the routines and flow of our new French Immersion classroom. Room 19 is OUR room; made by us, working for us and we work to keep it functioning.

Our big idea from week one was that we are a team this year and we can ALWAYS improve! We are not where we need to be YET! We talked a lot about being a team and that in order for a team to be successful, they need to function together and work together, sharing ideas, helping one another out and sticking up for one another. This will be our main goal for the year! Let’s keep it up and never forget that Room 18 & 19 ALWAYS STICKS TOGETHER!

Things to know:

  • Please bring all forms and documents back to school as soon as possible. The forms for the office and the agenda form, as well as $5.00, should be brought back as soon as possible. The Sesame, BYOD forms and parent homework can be brought back to M. Mendes at your own convenience. Forms can also be found here.
  • Please encourage your child to use their planner on a daily basis. This upcoming week, we will begin our weekly homework on Google Classroom. (This week we will take a few minutes in class to ensure everyone understands the software). Students are expected to complete their weekly homework online. Just a reminder that students should be going to Google Classroom to see their response that is due ONE week from Monday. Students are more than welcome to remain in at Nutrition Breaks in room 19 in order to complete their homework. This is a great way to begin the dialogue between home and school around time management and deadlines. All the links to these websites can be found on the main page here.
  • Parents, please encourage a dialogue from your child to see what they are working on and how they are completing their work on Google Classroom. Also, feel free to observe your child on IXL participating in various Math questions that encourage the basics and enforce different ideas learned in class. At any time should you have any questions about the weekly homework, feel free to contact me.

This week in Room 19:

French Language:

  • We are going to begin discovering our classroom library with our readers workshop. We will look at the different books that are available to us in Room 19 and use a variety of ways to track our reading. There will be constant check-ins with peers and myself. Keep an eye on Sesame for various check-ins and notes regarding your child’s reading trends in French.
  • We will be starting our first writing projects, getting back into writing French after the summer. Our grade 5s will work on their Mandala’s about who they are as a learner in reading, writing, math and their intelligence. If you would like to take the same test as your child to find their intelligence type you can find it here. Our grade 6s will begin working on their personality cubes which are all about them!


  • We will be beginning with looking at numbers, how to represent them, describe them and compare them. Look for a cool project that the students will complete at home over the course of a few weeks about spending some lottery winnings on whatever they’d like!

Social Studies:

  • We are going to start looking at cities around the world and what they are doing to show sustainability. We will begin thinking about what makes a city sustainable and what cities are doing to ensure that they can progress well into the 21st century environmentaly, technologically and socially!

Thanks to a wonderful start to the school year! Your support and encouragement for your child will go a long way this year! I keep telling the students to be the best they can be and our Motto in our classroom is ”Becoming is better than Being.” (Devenir c’est mieux que d’être) This is an example of Growth Mindset and always trying to be better than you are now! If you would like to learn more about the Growth Mindset, here is a video about Carol Dweck, a pioneer of the Growth Mindset.

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