Well here we are nearing the end of November and our friends in the USA are celebrating with turkey and stuffing and football. Well in Room 19, we are celebrating our successes with hard work and determination! We have been working really hard learning new ideas and concepts! Great work last week with building shapes but more importantly, justifying them to a level that many students haven’t done before! Remember to be professional and be the best that you can be!

For the next three weeks, our Teacher Candidate from the Faculty of Education at the University of Wilfred Laurier, Matthew Rappolt, will be guiding the lessons and conducting observations and marking student work. This is a great opportunity for him as he continues his learning in Education. We welcome him and know that he’s going to do great!

Things to Know:

  • We will be going to Kitchener City Hall on Wednesday. The event is on school day and the forms and money can be submitted there.

What’s Going On?!


  • We will be mailing out our letters this week. The hope is that they are beginning to finish them and I will print them as they are being finished and providing stamps for the students
  • M. Rappolt will be continuing with Inferencing and will use this as a springboard to summary writing and biographies. Our work with inferencing will help us take better details from texts and media.


  • Both classes will be finishing up a shape creating task for me by Tuesday. All students are creating a variety of shapes and justifying how they know that shape is correct using details from their creations.
  • M. Rappolt will begin metric conversion and Area and Perimeter with the students this week. Keep an eye out for new questions and ideas!


  • Grade 5: This week, we will continue with Federal Government and move into Provincial Government with a focus on roles of the Government and the services that they provide.
  • Grade 6: We will be continuing our Berlin Name Change Debates and prep for our Live Broadcast of them in the near future

Great work everyone! Keep up the hard work!

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