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Welcome and Bienvenue to another exciting and thrilling school year! I am pleased to be your child’s teacher for the upcoming school year! I have a lot of great activities and lessons planned for the year! Hopefully the batteries were recharged and you are returning to the best school in the Waterloo Region geared up and ready to go!

This year, we will work together as a team on several occasions to achieve the best results possible! Whether in Math, French, Social Studies or on the school yard, building our classroom community will be important to achieving the best results possible. Throughout our Classroom Meetings (Reunions de Classe), we will discuss ways to make our learning community the best possible for each one of us and talk about what everyone needs to achieve their goals. A large goal for our class will this year will be our school-wide initiative of being mindful of others, yourself and the TRAIL. This will be a large part of our class meetings and built into several tasks and activities throughout the year. We will discuss Growth Mindset and what it means to have a growth mindset. How can we live through a growth mindset and be the best version of ourselves.

Agendas: I believe that a strong parent-teacher relationship is necessary for maximum school success. Planners are an important communication tool. Your child will write in his or her planner every day sharing information related to our day’s learning along with upcoming activities or events. I also like to write “good news notes” that you may read related to your child. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns that you may have. I can be reached at the school either through your child’s planner, via email at eric_mendes@wrdsb.ca or through the Remind App.

Electronic Communication:  In order to communicate with students this year, your child has been set up on Google Classroom. Students will find reminders about tests and special events, learning resource links such a videos and tutorials and digital homework assignments that may include responses to videos or articles related to our classroom learning. Students will be able to access this by using their Google login and password.

Assessment: A large portion of our daily responsibility in class from both the students perspective and the teachers perspective is assessment. Everything that the students do in class is assessed. Whether or not it is a discussion with a peer or the teacher, a group activity, individual task or a test, everything that the students do is assessed either with a rubric, anecdotal note or formal grade. This year I will continue using an online assessment tool called Sesame to track and assess students work in all subjects. This is an on-line tool that I can use, but what is a great new feature is that the students – using their own devices or the iPad mini in class – will be able to upload photos, text and video of their own work to their online portfolio that can then be assessed by myself. This gives the students a significant amount of responsibility when it comes to their learning and allows the students the ability to upload, access and track their learning throughout the year. Also, there is the ability for parents to access their student’s portfolios and be able to view their learning on a daily basis. Providing me with an email address to link to your child’s account will allow you to view their learning 24/7! A policy form will be going home with the first-day package. Here is a copy of the policy to read. Sesame Permission Form

Indoor Shoes: Indoor shoes are required for school. Indoor shoes can be left at school, above their hooks. They are necessary for gym class.

Teachers: Apart from myself and Ms. Schnarr, Mme. Tole will be in our classroom for Visual Arts and Grammar.

Homework: It is important for your child to read in French 20 minutes a day. French books can be picked up from the Library on their weekly trips. This routine should be fun and interesting, so encourage your child to choose books that he or she likes. As well as ready on a daily basis at home, Students should be looking at their Google Classroom for other activities and mini-projects that can be accomplished online. Also, your child will be required to blog on a regular basis about the subjects that we are learning in class.

Additional Help: It is my philosophy that each student take the initiative to ask for help from their classmates and from the teacher. Please encourage your son or daughter to come ask for some extra help during nutrition breaks. Besides supervision and regular meetings, I am usually available for these sessions. It is up to your child to seek out this assistance.

BYOD: Bring your own device to class. It is my philosophy that as technology progresses and devices become more and more common in our daily lives, students will be allowed to bring in their devices on a daily basis (once their permission form is returned). There will be a technology cabinet in the classroom that they may keep their device locked up when it is not in use. A copy of the policy will be sent home on the first day of school. You can find a copy here. BYOD Policy – Room 19

Classroom Expectations: In order to establish a safe, positive and respectful classroom community, we will practice (rehearse) all of our classroom routines, procedures and expectations until they are automatic. Students will be reminded of the appropriate way to demonstrate an expectation and then asked to redo it. Here is an example of a safety expectation:  The expectation is that when we enter the classroom, we walk in (not run).  Some days, students might be so excited to get to their seats and start learning that they might actually run into the room! The student would be reminded of the appropriate way to enter and would then be asked to go back and “redo” this. It is possible that a student may repeatedly struggle with certain expectations and require extra support. If this happens, the student may be moved to another spot in the classroom and asked to reflect on the behaviour or situation. If a behaviour is unsafe, the student may be “removed” from the classroom to the office, for example, where he/she would have an opportunity to reflect on the behaviour/situation and receive additional support. You would receive a note from us in your child’s planner letting you know which expectation your child was struggling with, along with a copy of his/her reflection. For any ongoing issues of concern, such as those interfering with learning or safety, a meeting will be called between parent, teachers, and possibly administration to help further support your child.

Class Forms and Documents:

  • BYOD Policy – Room 19 – Bring your own device policy to bring into class
  • Sesame Permission Form – Sesame Assessment policy that will allow you access to your child’s online assessment portfolio and keep track the different tasks and activities that they are working on daily.
  • Remind Grade 5 Remind Grade 6 – A way to keep up to date with messages from the teacher about all the goings-on in and around the class and school

A little about me:

This will be the start of my 8th year here at W.T. Townshend Public School. I have taught grade 3 to 6 here. The amount of technology that can be incorporated into the classroom is a tremendous asset that I love about being at such a wonderful, caring and innovative school such as W.T. Townshend.

I was born and raised in London, Ontario and completed my Undergraduate studies at the University of Western Ontario, double majoring in both French and History. I also completed my Bachelor of Education at Althouse College at the University of Western Ontario where I would eventually meet my amazing wife, Jennifer. We have been married for over 6 years now and have two wonderful daughters, Violet (age 4) and Juliet (age 2).

In my spare time, I enjoy staying active, working out at the gym, running and playing sports such as Baseball, Volleyball and Soccer. I also thoroughly enjoy watching my favourite sports teams play on a regular basis. Most importantly, I enjoy sharing in these activities, as well as others with my family, who are my support and foundation.

Welcome to Room 19 this year where you will keep your minds open and ready to take any challenge on!




M. Mendes

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