We are a wonderful, amazing and exceptional class that works hard on a daily basis. We have been working hard, speaking, reading and writing in French. We are always improving and always persevering to try our best and make improvements.

We work REALLY hard in Math using our STEM learning and Inquiry to answer open-ended questions in small groups, sharing our strategies and helping each other better understand how to answer the questions that we are working on.

Using STEM and inquiry is wonderful. The University of Toronto, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education talks about Math Inquiry that

“Inquiry empowers students to make sense of the world in which they live. Inquiry is a way of honouring students’ thinking and students’ questions, building on their cultural knowledge and interests, and developing their identities as doers of mathematics. In this way, inquiry becomes a form of equity – and students come to see mathematics as more than simply a sequence of skills but as a tool with which to understand the world, to analyze complex issues in society and to communicate mathematical ideas in order to contribute to and participate in a democratic society.”

We truly enjoy working hard and showing our different Smarts which include using manipulatives, sharing images and even making rap songs!

We are a technological classroom that uses technology to empower 21st-century learning! It is a wonderful tool when it is used appropriately!

We have fun in class but we know when it’s time to work! We are a wonderful group that always demonstrates the attributes of TRAIL on a daily basis!

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