#WTTMakerLab19 – Semaine 3/Week 3

What a great week this was! We are well on our way to achieving our daily goals and we are working hard to become better students every day! Our Cubes and Mandalas are starting to really look good! They will look great by the end of the week when they’re up and on display Math […]

#WTTMakerLab Semaine 2 – Week 2

This has been an amazing week in Room 19! It has been wonderful to see so many familiar faces again this year and so wonderful to see some new faces. This week has been great to get to know one another and great to get into the routines and flow of our new French Immersion […]

Bienvenue à/to #WTTMakerLab19

Welcome! Bienvenue! Welcome and Bienvenue to another exciting and thrilling school year! I am pleased to be your child’s teacher for the upcoming school year! I have a lot of great activities and lessons planned for the year! Hopefully the batteries were recharged and you are returning to the best school in the Waterloo Region […]

#WTTMakerLab19 Semaine 35 – Week 35

Consistency is the key as the school year begins to wind down! Remember that we have a job that needs to be done and that there is a lot of work that remains. Lots of learning that can still be done and will be done! Keep up the hard work! Things to Remember: Grade 6 […]

#WTTMakerLab19 Semaine 34 – Week 34

We are feeling the end and it is so great to see all our hard work come to a culmination. In the following weeks, we will see lots of different tasks come to an end and some new learning with coding and sphero start in the classroom. We will expand on our learning in Math […]

#WTTMakerLab19 Semaine 32 – Week 32

It’s amazing that the weather changed so quickly in one week. You can really see the change in attitudes with the students and the engagement with their dedication! Keep up the great work and keep #FallingForward in your life! This was a great week and a great learning for our students! They are working well […]

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